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Directory mondiale degli eventi del settore del riciclo: un calendario di mostre e conferenze imminenti.

  • €327 / m2
    Data Inizio: 17 giu 2020 Data Fine: 19 giu 2020
    Luogo: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam Vietnam Numero d'edizioni precedenti: Nuovo
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  • Data Inizio: 21 apr 2020 Data Fine: 24 apr 2020
    Luogo: Shanghai, China China Numero d'edizioni precedenti: 33
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  • €821 / biglietto
    Data Inizio: 23 feb 2020 Data Fine: 26 feb 2020
    Luogo: Califorlia, United States United States Numero d'edizioni precedenti: Nuovo
    We’re working with the Environmental Research & Education Foundation (EREF) to deliver a conference program that is more technical, more innovative and more essential to you than ever before—and that warrants the two-year wait! The core education of GWMS is the submission of comprehensive abstracts in all areas related to solid waste engineering and managment that have been vetted by GWMS’s committe of industry experts. The presentations will be given by researchers from top academic institutions and industry experts.
  • Data Inizio: 25 feb 2020 Data Fine: 27 feb 2020
    Luogo: Hannover, Germany Germany Numero d'edizioni precedenti: 19
    Espositori: 319 Visitatori: 5600
    Now in its 20th year, Tire Technology Expo is Europe’s most important tire manufacturing technology exhibition and conference.

    With exhibits from many of the world's most important suppliers to the tire manufacturing industry plus a major conference, workshop programme and industry-leading awards dinner, Tire Technology Expo is a must-attend industry event.

    Visitors, exhibitors and conference delegates will enjoy a networking opportunity that is unrivalled within the tire manufacturing sector.
  • Data Inizio: 01 apr 2020 Data Fine: 02 apr 2020
    Luogo: Dortmund, Germany Germany Numero d'edizioni precedenti: Nuovo
    Espositori: 500 Visitatori: 6200
    RECYCLING-TECHNIK Dortmund represents the entire value chain of the industry. The focus is on machinery and technical components for the recycling and
    disposal of waste products. The wide range of products includes baling presses, crushers, shredders, sorting machines, shredders, conveyor belts, screening and separating machines. With its extensive product range, RECYCLING-TECHNIK Dortmund convinces recycling companies, recycling centers, disposal companies and companies with in-house recycling plants.
  • €207 / m2 €360 / biglietto
    Data Inizio: 15 mar 2020 Data Fine: 18 mar 2020
    Luogo: Florida, United States United States Numero d'edizioni precedenti: 32
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    For over 30 years, the Southeast Recycling Conference & Trade Show (SERC), has been one of the premier recycling conferences.

    We call it the Southeast Recycling Conference but 65% of our attendees come from outside the Southeast.

    Our desire is to provide you recycling solutions, valuable contacts and productive networking opportunities.
  • Data Inizio: 25 mar 2021 Data Fine: 28 mar 2021
    Luogo: Istanbul, Turkey Turkey Numero d'edizioni precedenti: 15
    Espositori: 170 Visitatori: 12000
    International Recycling, Environmental Technologies And Waste Management features a display of products like Waste Collection Units, Waste Collection and Transportation Vehicles, Shredding, Pressing, Briquette Making Equipment, Truck Mounted Vehicles, Hydraulic Transport and Freight Platforms, Canal Cleaning and Maintenance Vehicles and Equipment, Recycling of Valuable Materials from Waste Water, Environment Management and Eco-Audit, etc.
  • €343 / m2
    Data Inizio: 23 mar 2020 Data Fine: 26 mar 2020
    Luogo: Atlanta, GA, United States United States Numero d'edizioni precedenti: Nuovo
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    From March 23-25, 2020, SWANApalooza will bring together professionals from across the industry to create a one-stop-shop for exhibitors and attendees to participate in SWANA’s premiere assemblies: The annual Landfill Symposium, the Landfill Gas & Biogas Symposium, the Road to Zero Waste Conference, and the Spring Training event, all in Atlanta, GA. Be a part of the conversation; hot topics this year include safety, technological advances, and food disposal.

    Imagine your organization mingling with some of the most perceptive and influential leaders in the solid waste industry! Grow your professional network and knowledge base exponentially; attend technical sessions to participate in training opportunities designed to advance the field through innovative approaches.
  • Data Inizio: 21 ott 2020 Data Fine: 22 ott 2020
    Luogo: Melbourne, Australia Australia Numero d'edizioni precedenti: Nuovo
    Espositori: -- Visitatori: --
    Waste Expo Australia is the largest gathering of waste management and resource professionals in Australia offering a premium free-to-attend business-to-business conference hosted alongside an impressive exhibition. Featuring over 120 brands, 3 conference stages that showcase over 35 hours of free-to-attend content. Waste Expo Australia is the ultimate platform for exclusive access to the latest technology, information and trends and to hear from industry experts and network with your peers.
  • Data Inizio: 13 feb 2020 Data Fine: 15 feb 2020
    Luogo: Mumbai, India India Numero d'edizioni precedenti: Nuovo
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    One of the prime objectives of Clean India mission is to put in place effective waste management systems across the country so that waste is segregated at source, processed, recycled and also converted to energy. The last three years have seen Municipal bodies, private agents and solution providers focus more on technology and systems. Waste — be it solid or liquid, municipal, electronic, food or organic needs specific solutions right from the collection point disposal and conversion. Waste Technology India Expo facilitates the coming together of end users, solution providers, stakeholders, waste recyclers, dealers, retailers and local authorities.