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Directory mondiale degli eventi del settore del riciclo: un calendario di mostre e conferenze imminenti.

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  • Data Inizio:29 gen 2019Data Fine:01 feb 2019
    Luogo :Moscow, RussiaNumero d'edizioni precedenti:21
    Interplastica is the leading trade fair for plastics and rubber in Russia and Eastern Europe
  • Data Inizio:21 nov 2018Data Fine:23 nov 2018
    Luogo :BrasileNumero d'edizioni precedenti:Nuovo
    The single trade show in Brazil solely focused on Solid Waste Management, Recycling, Scrap Treatment and Waste to Energy. The country's waste generators, recyclers and processors, government officials show up at Waste Expo Brasil to check out equipment, machineries, technologies and services ready to be applied in Brazil and other South American countries.
  • Data Inizio:18 set 2019Data Fine:20 set 2019
    Luogo :Shanghai, CinaNumero d'edizioni precedenti:15
  • €533 / m2 €1.590 / ticket
    Data Inizio:18 set 2019Data Fine:20 set 2019
    Luogo :Lyon, FranciaNumero d'edizioni precedenti:23
    CBR is the international platform for presenting the latest developments and discussing the challenges faced by the battery recycling industry. The 24th edition of ICBR will bring together many experts and decision makers of the battery recycling value chain such as battery manufacturers, battery recyclers, OEMs from the electronic and e-mobility industry, collection schemes operators, service and transport companies, policy makers and many more.
  • Data Inizio:28 mar 2019Data Fine:30 mar 2019
    Luogo :Istanbul, TurchiaNumero d'edizioni precedenti:Nuovo
    IFAT Eurasia - a leading trade fair for environmental technologies, will feature a range of products and solutions designed to tackle environmental problems the world is facing today. Supporting program with discussions and workshops will offer the opportunity to gain new insights into the latest ideas and technologies, engage in discussions and network with established industry experts.
  • €15,0 / m2 €30,0 / ticket
    Data Inizio:07 nov 2018Data Fine:08 nov 2018
    Luogo :Dortmund, GermaniaNumero d'edizioni precedenti:Nuovo
    At RECYCLING-TECHNIK Dortmund 2018, exhibitors have the opportunity to meet face-to-face with serious buyers and decision-makers from manufacturing enterprises and recycling companies who have responsibility for products and technologies for the collection, sorting and processing of re-usable materials.
  • €156 / m2 €601 / ticket
    Data Inizio:28 apr 2019Data Fine:01 mag 2019
    Luogo :Spokane, U.S.A.Numero d'edizioni precedenti:38
    The Washington State Recycling Association (WSRA) is now seeking session proposals for their 39th Annual Conference & Trade Show taking place at the Doubletree City Center in Spokane, WA, April 28 – May 1, 2019. This year’s conference is expected to attract more than 200 recycling and waste industry professionals throughout the Pacific Northwest.
    WSRA’s conference provides stakeholders in Washington’s recycling and waste prevention community with the knowledge and resources to address current challenges in the recycling industry, implement and improve recycling programs, advocate for policies and initiatives that advance recycling and waste prevention, and support the development of a generation of professionals for whom sustainability is a core tenet of their work and life philosophy.
  • Data Inizio:21 mar 2019Data Fine:24 mar 2019
    Luogo :Istanbul, TurchiaNumero d'edizioni precedenti:14
    International Recycling, Environmental Technologies And Waste Management features a display of products like Waste Collection Units, Waste Collection and Transportation Vehicles, Shredding, Pressing, Briquette Making Equipment, Truck Mounted Vehicles, Hydraulic Transport and Freight Platforms, Canal Cleaning and Maintenance Vehicles and Equipment, Recycling of Valuable Materials from Waste Water, Environment Management and Eco-Audit, etc.
  • €15,0 / ticket
    Data Inizio:06 nov 2018Data Fine:09 nov 2018
    Luogo :Rimini, ItaliaNumero d'edizioni precedenti:21
    Leading Euro-Mediterranean area green and circular economy expo - Ecomondo 2018, will present the European and International scene with new legislative priorities, in regard to research and innovation, training on Circular Economy together with the latest processes, demonstrating the end products given by their implementation at the industrial level on cities and territories.
  • Data Inizio:20 mar 2019Data Fine:22 mar 2019
    Luogo :Moscow, RussiaNumero d'edizioni precedenti:Nuovo
    MIR EXPO takes place in Russia, Moscow, the place we have been represented since USSR time. It is the considerable prospect to share the news with brother in trade, while the members of the community can plan their attendance in the light of exciting keynote talks being delivered by for metal scrap and recycling industry.

    The education program will focus on all aspects of the world recycling technologies of metal scrap, E-scrap, glass, paper and plastic, with an emphasis on ecological norms, Russian and global trends, leadership and management, technological issues of collection and recycling.