Recycling & Waste Management Exhibition & Conference

Riad l Soloh, P.O Box: 11-5977, Beirut
+961 76785855
Beirut, لبنان Beirut, لبنان

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Conferenza, Fiere
Vetro, Metallo, Plastica, Organico, Carta, Altro
Data Inizio
23 giu 2020
Data Fine
25 giu 2020
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€298 / m2
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RAWMEC is Lebanon's largest recycling and waste management exhibition and conference.
It is part of a bigger platform called Lebanon Sustainability Week, which will focus on solid waste, industrial waste and alternative energy.
Lebanon Sustainability Week will be a venue for knowledge-sharing, brainstorming, solutions delivery, technology transfer, peer networking and capacity building in the solid waste management, industrial waste management, industrial wastewater treatment and renewable energy sectors.
It will provide a deep understanding of social, economic, environmental and technology trends driving the sustainability sector and will help in implementing technology-driven solutions to key environmental problems in Lebanon.


Conference – Day 1 – Solid Waste Management
Session 1: Inaugural Session
Session 2: Waste Management in Lebanon – Current Situation, New Laws/Policies/Regulations and Key Projects
Session 3: Recycling of Plastics
Session 4: Recycling of Scrap Metals
Session 5: Recycling of E-Waste
Session 6: Biomedical Waste Management

Conference – Day 2 – Industrial Waste Management
Session 1: Inaugural Session
Session 2: Industrial Waste Management in Lebanon – Current Situation, New Laws/Policies/Regulations and Major Projects
Session 3: Management of Industrial Wastes
Session 4: Management of Industrial Wastewater
Session 5: Renewable Energy from Industrial Wastewater
Session 6: Smart Water Management Solutions

Conference – Day 3 – Alternative Energy
Session 1: Inaugural Session
Session 2: Alternative Energy in Lebanon – Estimated Potential, Current Situation, New Laws and Regulations and Key Projects
Session 3: Waste-to-Energy
Session 4: Solar Energy
Session 5: Wind Energy
Session 6: Energy Management Systems

Argomenti Salienti

Setting up agenda for tackling energy, waste management, water resource management sustainable development challenges in Lebanon.
Facilitate a meeting of top sustainability experts and companies from Lebanon, Middle East, GCC and other parts of the world.
Positioning Lebanon as a top destination for environmental products and services.
Building organizational growth and entrepreneurial capabilities in the sustainability sector.
Reinforcing environmental sustainability as a key feature of governance.
Raising environmental awareness among the masses.
Fostering knowledge sharing and youth empowerment as effective tools to achieve sustainability.
Catalysing Lebanon’s journey towards a low-carbon economy.
Development of roadmap for sustainable development of Lebanon.


Government Ministries
Environmental solutions companies
Solid waste management companies
Industrial waste management companies
Hazardous waste management companies
Landfill management companies
Solar energy companies
Wind energy companies
Biomass energy companies
Biogas technology companies
Waste to Energy companies
Energy management companies
Energy storage companies
Power distribution companies
Power transmission companies
Independent power producers
Smart metering companies
Wastewater treatment companies
Environmental laboratories
Mobility companies
Real estate developers
Facility management companies
Water management companies
Food/beverage manufacturing companies
Smart technology companies
Lighting solutions companies
Automation companies
Non-governmental organizations
Market research companies
Industrial equipment manufacturers
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