Waste Technology India Expo 2020

Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre, Goregaon East, Mumbai - 400063
+91 22 61204127
Mumbai, India Mumbai, India

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13 feb 2020
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15 feb 2020


One of the prime objectives of Clean India mission is to put in place effective waste management systems across the country so that waste is segregated at source, processed, recycled and also converted to energy. The last three years have seen Municipal bodies, private agents and solution providers focus more on technology and systems. Waste — be it solid or liquid, municipal, electronic, food or organic needs specific solutions right from the collection point disposal and conversion. Waste Technology India Expo facilitates the coming together of end users, solution providers, stakeholders, waste recyclers, dealers, retailers and local authorities.


• Industrial Waste Treatment, Disposal, Management and Recycling

– Hazardous: Chemical Waste, E-Waste and Medical Waste

– Recycling Equipment: (Packaging Waste/Plastic Waste/EPS Recycling (Thermocol)

– Organic Waste Converter (OWC): Food Waste

– Municipal Solid Waste

– Composting Equipment & Systems

– Anaerobic digestion

– Compostable Plastics

– Incinerator


• City Cleaning Machine & Equipment & Systems

– Road Sweepers (Truck Mounted/Mini Sweeper)

– Garbage / Trash Compactors (Stationary / Portable / Truck Mounted)

– Vacuum Emptier/Truck Mounted

– Truck Mounted Recycler

– Nala/Drain/Gutter Cleaning

– Tipper /Dumper

– River / Beach Cleaning

– Landfilling Equipment

– Odour Control Equipment

– Garbage Bins

– Smart Garbage Bins (IoT) / Underground Waste Receptacles (IoT)

• Waste Handling Equipment

– Sorting & Handling Equipment

– Conveyors Systems

– Balers

– Shredders

– Safety Equipment for waste handlers

• Sanitation

– Portable Toilet

– e-Toilet

• NGO’s and Start Up

• Waste to Energy Products and Services
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